How To Reverse an FNB EFT Payment Online

If you sent an EFT payment to the wrong person using your FNB account, then there are steps you can take if they don’t want to refund you the money.

Reverse an FNB EFT payment made to any bank in South Africa by:

  1. Download and complete this FNB payment reversal request form in full.
  2. Make sure that you sign the indemnity waiver in part B of the form.
  3. Email the form to, they will respond with a reference number.
  4. If a reference is not emailed to you within 15 minutes, then call FNB support on 087-730-2000.


I must warn you though, this process is not guaranteed. Always first ask the recipient to send your money back and only go through the reversal request form process if the recipient refuses to send your money back.

If you’re forced to go through this process make sure you keep reading, there are some important terms and conditions about the process that you need to know.

How Long Does It Take To Reverse an FNB EFT Payment?

According to FNB, it takes up to 10 working days to reverse an FNB payment and a payment reversal request form can only be submitted 30 days after the initial payment was made.

Keep in mind it’s a lot quicker to contact the person that received the money and simply asks them to send the money back.

Are There Any Fees When Reversing an FNB EFT Payment?

According to FNB, it costs R313 to attempt to reverse an FNB payment and is not refundable. If the reversal fails you’ll still get charged the full R313.

You might be wondering how risky this is and why a reversal attempt might fail? I’ll cover that in the next paragraph.

Why FNB EFT Payment Reversal Attempts Might Fail

The three main reasons why an FNB EFT payment reversal might fail is:

  1. The receiver has no money in their bank account.
  2. The account that received the money is invalid
  3. No authority to debit

Keep in mind that FNB states that the process is not guaranteed. So there may be other reasons outside of what I mentioned above.

Scenarios When An FNB EFT Payment Reversal Is Impossible

An FNB EFT payment reversal is impossible in the following scenarios:

  1. You made a payment to a public recipient such as Edgars.
  2. The eft was sent to a municipal account.
  3. You sent an eft payment to an investment account.
  4. Sent money to a vehicle finance account.
  5. Made a payment to a collection account.
  6. Made an eft payment to a credit card account.
  7. You made the payment using an ATM.
  8. Made the payment using the “Pay and clear now” service.
  9. Used the “schedule payment” function.

So if you find that one of the above scenarios fits your situation, your only option will be to contact the person that received the money directly.

Can You Reverse An FNB EFT Payment On Online Banking or FNB App?

It’s not possible to reverse an FNB EFT payment using your FNB online banking portal or your FNB app. The only way to reverse an eft payment is by filling out the FNB payment reversal request and emailing it to

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there are sooo many downsides to submitting a reversal form that I would recommend avoiding it at all costs.

  • You need to wait 30 days after the payment before submitting the form.
  • You’ll be charged an R313 non-refundable fee
  • And the process is not guaranteed by a long shot. There are a ton of scenarios where the process could fail.

So if you can, contact the recipient directly and get them to simply send the money back.

YOUR TURN: Do you know an easier way to get your money back? Did I miss anything crucial in the article? Let me know in the comments below so we can start learning from each other!

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