How to Pay Telkom via FNB (All Methods)

Let’s say you have a Telkom bill that you really need to pay, but it’s late and you don’t have access to a Telkom branch or EasyPay point.

Well, here’s how you can pay your Telkom bill via FNB (Frist National Bank).

There are many ways to pay your Telkom bill via FNB. The methods include the following:

  1. EFT using online banking via public recipient
  2. Payments over the FNB app
  3. Payments over cellphone baking
  4. Payments using an FNB ATM

**Please note that you will need your Telkom invoice with you while making the payment.

This post will only deal with payments to Telkom from contract users with FNB accounts. The above methods will be discussed in detail below so keep reading.

Paying Telkom via FNB Online Banking and App

Making EFT payments to Telkom using online banking or the FNB app is the most obvious method. However, it is safe and less stressful as opposed to making a payment at the ATM or bank.

To pay Telkom with online banking, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your FNB online banking at
  2. Select the ‘Payments’ tab or icon on the home page.
  3. Select the ‘Once off Payments’ sub-tab.
  4. On the ‘Payments’ page select ‘A Public Recipient’.
  5. Click on the ‘Search’ button below.
  6. A pop-up window will appear where you will type in ‘Telkom Telephone Accounts’ (spelled exactly as is) next to the ‘Type in Recipient Name’ heading and click ‘Continue.
  7. Fill in the ‘Payment Name,’ the amount owing.
  8. YOU MUST use the ‘EFT ref no.’ (on Telkom’s Invoice) as Telkom’s reference number or the payment won’t be recognized by Telkom.
  9. Once all required details are filled in you can click the ‘Pay’ button and continue as per usual EFT payment.

And you are Done!

You can also pay Telkom using your FNB app, which is pretty much the same as above.

To pay Telkom with the FNB app, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the FNB App.
  2. Tap the ‘payments’ icon.
  3. On the ‘Payments’ screen Tap ‘Once off payments.
  4. Then from the list shown select ‘Public Recipients’
  5. Type in ‘Tel’ and then tap ‘Search’
  6. Choose ‘Telkom Telephone Accounts’ from the list provided on the next page
  7. Select the account you will pay from and fill in the details (Note you must use the ‘EFT ref no’ from your Telkom invoice)
  8. Once all are filled in, you can tap ‘Continue’ and proceed as per the usual EFT transaction

And you are Done!

Payments over EFT should take up to two days to reflect with Telkom depending on FNB (see FNB cut-off times), and standard EFT fees are applied (refer to the FNB pricing guide for more info).

If you don’t have access to the app or online banking you can make a payment using cellphone banking; keep reading to find out more.

Paying Telkom over FNB Cellphone Banking

While not often talked about, you can pay Telkom over FNB cellphone banking. This method is convenient for those who don’t have access to the internet and want to pay bills from home.

To pay Telkom over cellphone banking, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *120*321#
  2. Login with your ‘Cellphone Banking’ pin
  3. Select option 2 ‘Bank.’
  4. Select option 5 ‘Payments’
  5. Select option 2 ‘Pay Bill Account.’
  6. Locate ‘Telkom S.A’ from the list provided and reply with the option number next to it.
  7. Cellphone banking will prompt you to reply with the ‘account reference number found on your Telkom S.A statement’ (Please confirm with Telkom about the account reference number)
  8. Once entered, you must reply with the amount you wish to pay.
  9. Once entered, you will be asked to confirm if the details are correct.
  10. Reply with option 1 ‘Confirm.’

And you are done!

But what happens if you don’t have your phone and no internet access? What then?

Paying Telkom Using FNB ATM

This payment method can be done using both card or cardless options. With your card, you could perform a direct deposit or transfer money to a recipient (provided you’ve added Telkom as a recipient online).

Here is how you can make a direct deposit into Telkom’s account via ATM (‘WITH DEPOSIT’ FNB ATM only):

  1. Insert your bank card and enter your PIN
  2. On the main menu, you must select ‘Make Deposit.’
  3. On the ‘Make Deposit’ menu select ‘Deposit Cash.’
  4. On the ‘Select to Account’ menu select ‘Pay FNB Recipient.’
  5. You will have to type in ‘Tel.’
  6. Then select the beneficiary account, i.e., ‘Telkom Telephone Account.’
  7. Key in the ‘EFT ref no’ as the reference and press ‘Proceed.’
  8. You may then proceed with the deposit as per usual deposit over the ATM

Note that most ATMs only deposit banknotes, so you may have to overpay your Telkom account to avoid needing to pay with coins at the ATM. This method can also be done without a bank card.

Paying Telkom as your beneficiary at the ATM may be more suitable if you want to pay the exact amount.

Follow the steps from the FNB demo to see how you would pay a beneficiary at the ATM. Remember to use the ‘EFT ref no’ as your reference (this must be done on the FNB App or online banking).

Bonus Method

A more convenient way to pay your Telkom bill is through the ‘My Telkom’ self-service portal. Although this method is not done through any FNB products, it does access your FNB online banking profile.

To pay Telkom through the ‘My Telkom’ portal, follow these steps:

  1. On the Billing section select ‘PAY NOW.’
  2. Fill in the amount payable and select ‘PAY VIA EFT.’
  3. You will be prompted to confirm account details.
  4. Once confirmed a popup window will appear asking you to select your Bank.
  5. On clicking FNB, you will enter your FNB online banking login credentials.
  6. You will then be asked to approve the payment over the FNB app or type in your OTP sent to your phone (if you don’t have the FNB app).
  7. Click ‘Proceed.

And you are done!

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, paying your Telkom bill using instant EFT over the ‘My Telkom’ website is way easier and more convenient. This method only requires you to know your FNB online banking login credentials.

You will not make a mistake with the payment reference, and it is quicker than the usual EFT payment. However, we want to pay via FNB, not Telkom.

EFT is the next best thing if you don’t have a ‘My Telkom’ profile set up, and while it might require more precautions, payments can be made in the comfort of your home.

Paying Telkom with cellphone banking is great for times when you don’t have internet access and can be done anywhere in South Africa, provided you have cellular reception.

Paying over the ATM, using direct deposit, should be a last resort as you will have to be comfortable overpaying if you don’t want your phone line to be cut, but have no fear as Telkom usually credits you with the difference for the next month.

It would be nice if the FNB ATM had the option to pay Telkom over all ATMs (including ATMs without the deposit function).

But what are your thoughts? Lets us know in the comments below.

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