How to Change an FNB Card Pin (FNB APP & Online Banking)

Ever come across a situation where you need to change your FNB (First National Bank) card pin, because you can’t remember your new pin as easily as your old one, or you suspect someone knows your pin and may steal your card.

Well here are three ways you can do just that.

The following steps apply to changing your pin on the FNB App.

  1. Login to your FNB App
  2. Tap on the ‘Accounts’ Icon.
  3. Tap the account linked to your card
  4. Tap the ‘Account Options’ tab, then
  5. Tap the ‘My Cards’ tab
  6. The ‘Cards’ screen will appear displaying your cards
  7. Tap the card you want update
  8. Tap ‘Manage Pin’ button
  9. Tap ‘Change Card Pin’ button
  10. You will type your new pin next to ‘Pin:’ and ‘Confirm Pin:’
  11. Tap ‘Continue’ and FNB will prompt you to view terms and conditions
  12. If you are familiar with the terms and conditions check the box next to ‘I acknowledge terms and conditions’ then tap confirm.

And you are done! (You can view the above method on this FNB video)

Please note that you must synchronize your card at an FNB ATM and enter your new pin to activate the changes.

Apart from using the FNB app, there are other ways of changing your card’s pin number through online banking, and through the FNB ATM.  Continue reading to find out more.

Changing FNB Card Pin Through Online Banking

If you don’t have access to the FNB App, you can always try changing your pin through the online banking site. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to FNB online banking
  2. Select the ‘My Bank Accounts’ icon on the home page
  3. Select the ‘My Cards’ sub tab on the ‘My Bank Accounts’ Page
  4. A list of cards will appear, click the ‘Create Pin’ button of the card you want to change the Pin.
  5. Type in your new pin on the ‘New Pin’ text field and re-type the Pin the ‘Confirm Pin’ text field
  6. You will be prompted to read and accept FNB’s terms and conditions
  7. If you are familiar with the T’s & C’s, check the box of acknowledgement, and
  8. Click the ‘Confirm’ button.

A results page should appear acknowledging the change of the pin. You will still have to synchronize the pin to your card by visiting an FNB ATM. (you can view the above steps on FNB Demos)

This method is not always available, since it only works on browsers that are verified (Call FNB on 087-575-9404 as there are no resources that show how to verify your browser).

Changing FNB Card Pin Through FNB ATM

Changing your pin at the ATM is a simple task, but it can be time-consuming as you may have to wait in queues and take COVID 19 precautions into account. However, the process is simple and only takes about 2 minutes of your time at the ATM.

When you find an FNB ATM, here are the steps you follow:

  1. Insert Card (for which you want the pin changed).
  2. Key in your Pin.
  3. On the ‘Main Menu’ screen select ‘My Settings’.
  4. On the ‘My Settings’ screen select ‘Change my Pin’.
  5. You will be asked to enter your existing pin number. (Press ‘Proceed’ to continue)
  6. You will be asked to enter your new pin. (Press ‘Proceed’ to continue)
  7. You will re-enter your new pin, then press ‘Confirm’ to change your pin.
  8. The ATM screen will inform you of the change. Press ‘Proceed’ to exit.

And you are done!

Please note that the above steps are based on my experiences at the ATM since FNB does not have a demo on this subject.

Changing your card’s pin at the ATM is simple, but it requires you to remember your old pin. What if you can’t remember your old pin?

What Do I Do if I Forgot my Card Pin

Your pin should come with the letter where your card was attached. But, maybe you threw that letter away. Have no fear as there are ways you can retrieve your pin without ever visiting the bank.

There are two ways to view your pin:

  1. Through the FNB App, or
  2. Through FNB online banking.

Viewing your Pin from FNB App

This is a more convenient way of viewing your pin as you are more likely to be near your phone than your laptop or computer. You can even

To view your pin from the App just follow steps 1 to 8 from the ‘changing pin from FNB app’ method, but this time you will do the following:

  1. Tap ‘View Card Pin’
  2. Your Pin will appear on your phone along with FNB Terms and Conditions.
  3. Tap ‘Finish’ and you will be redirected to the previous page.

And you are done!

Viewing your Pin from Online Banking

If you don’t have the FNB app, you can always view your pin on FNB online banking. However, This option is only available on your verified browser.   

To view your pin online, follow these steps below:

  1. Login to FNB online banking
  2. Select the ‘My Bank Accounts’ icon (or the ‘Accounts’ tab on top of window)
  3. Select the ‘My Cards’ sub-tab
  4. Locate the card whose pin you want to view and click the ‘View Pin’ button
  5. FNB will request an OTP. Enter the OTP sent to your phone and submit
  6. Your Pin will be displayed on the screen
  7. Click ‘Close’ to end the process

And you are done! (you can view the above steps on FNB Demos)

Final Thoughts

The methods above show you how to change your FNB card’s pin in three different ways, through the app, online, and through the ATM. However, you can request a new pin by visiting an FNB branch or over the phone FNB customer service on 087-575-9404.  

Using the FNB app to change your pin is convenient because you can do it anywhere and quicker too. The online method is NOT always available to many. Unless you frequently use your laptop for banking, this option may not be available to you.

The ATM method is convenient as the last resort and available on most FNB ATMs, but bear in mind your safety and time.

The problem I have with the app and online methods is that you must visit an ATM to synchronize your pin to the card. It defeats the purpose of not having to queue up for this matter. It just makes the method of changing your pin easier.

FNB says you can synchronize your pin at a merchant, however, they must have an FNB card machine which may not be the case for most merchants.

YOUR TURN: Do you know an easier way to change your FNB pin? Did I miss anything crucial in the article? Let me know in the comments below so we can start learning from each other!

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