How To Buy Coca-Cola Shares in South Africa

There are a few online trading platforms in South Africa that offer Coca-Cola ‘stock,’ however, when looking closer, you’ll notice that most of them offer CFDs (Contract for difference,) and NOT actual company stock.

What’s the difference?

Well, when with CFDs, you’re in a sense placing a bet against whether or not you think a particular stock will go up or down, you don’t actually own anything apart from an agreement. On the other hand, when you buy shares of a company such as Coca-Cola, you’re buying a very small part of a company.

So if you want to own a part of Coca-Cola, and not just bet on a price change using CFDs, then follow the steps below.

Here’s how to buy Coca-Coal shares online in South Africa:

  1. Open an international trading account. I use EasyEquities, I wrote a full guide that shows you how you can open a trading account as a South African citizen step-by-step.
  2. Once your EasyEquites account has been approved and funded, log in, then use the search feature and find Coca-Cola’s stock ticker KO.
  3. Place your buy order on EasyEquites. The transaction should go through immediately if it’s during trading hours.

If you’re wondering how much money you’re allowed to invest in United States stocks then keep reading.

How Much Money Can South African’s Invest Overseas?

SARS allows each South African a single discretionary allowance which gives you the flexibility to invest no more than R1million abroad in a given calendar year. If you’re not going to invest more than that then there’s no extra admin you need to do.


if you’re looking to invest more than R1million and less than R11million in a given calendar year, then you’ll need to apply for a foreign investment allowance. I’ve not done this myself but apparently, it’s quite a pain in the backside.

Your Turn

Did you spot a mistake in this article? Or do you know of a better way that we can invest in Coca-Coal shares without using CFDs? Please let us know in the comments below so we can start learning from each other.

2 thoughts on “How To Buy Coca-Cola Shares in South Africa

  1. I’m interested in buying Coca-Cola shares. I’m very much interested but not with CFD. I want to a own a small part of Coca-Cola. How much is the minimum one can Invest /buy for?

    1. Hey bud,

      So there’s no minimum. You can invest however much makes sense to you. That said though, I wouldn’t bother investing in coca-cola shares with anything less than R1000 because of transaction fees etc.

      To be able to buy the stock you’ll need to open an international trading account. I recommend reading my guide here to get started.

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